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Origami Wishing Star disc ornament - White1

Origami Wishing Star disc ornament - White1

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56 hand folded origami wishing stars in a white floral pattern fill up this medium sized clear PVC holiday disc shaped ornament. While under lockdown during the pandemic, I had to find a way to keep busy and thought that sharing hope and joy through folded origami wishing stars would be a wishful way to spread cheer to loved ones. Each disc ornament measures a bit over 3” diameter and 1 7/8” wide. 
Buy one for yourself, your family, or to give to others in need of some holiday cheer! 
These are limited edition, once inventory is gone, they’re gone. 

*Please note that these are natural paper products and hand folded, thus each star is uniquely different than another. Because they are paper, the color may change or fade over time. It is suggested to store them in a cool, dark place to prolong the life of their color when they are not on display.